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5 BEST lash glues of 2021!

With 2021 already here most of us have lost that touch of knowing whats good out there. So i decided why not look for the BEST lash glues for your eyes. We all struggle with our lashes every now and then. So what is so hard about them? for one we dont really know whats in these products that we buy from some of these sites. So being mindful of what can happen is EXTREMELY important. You dont wanna end up with styes or infections in your eyes it can be very painful or dangerous. 

5 lash glues you must use:

1) Kiss

2) DUO

3) Velour Lashes Lash & Go Eyeliner and Lash Adhesive Hybrid

4) Sephora Collection Brush-tip Lash Adhesive

5) Esqido Companion Eyelash Glue



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