Top Five Cream Blushes You Need In Your Makeup Stash

Top Five Cream Blushes You Need In Your Makeup Stash

Top Five Cream Blushes You Need In Your Makeup Stash

If you want to get a fresh, shiny, bright, and light look, the cream blush is a must. Creamy formulas make it easy to add natural colors, and unlike their powder counterparts, they are moisturizing, often nourishing, and highly soluble. Many people can also apply it with their fingers, which make them use make-up while walking. Cream blush also comes in many shapes, sizes, and designs. You can find them in adhesive form, as well as options available in small pocket-sized boxes. Then there are powder formulas with long sheer dresses and creams for all colors and prices. To help you find the right one, we've selected the following options for you!

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Bobby Brown Pot Rouge in the shade Calypso Coral

A best-selling multitasking lip and cheek coloring cream, which comes in a compact mirror for application, enhance the wearer's natural beauty and works with what's already there, without artificial colors, so that a woman always looks at herself and feels her beauty. You get two products in one. Blend it on the apples of your cheeks for a pinched look, or dab it on your lips for a soft, marbled finish. For drier skin, be sure to hydrate your skin first.

bobby brown blush


Fenty Beauty Cream Blush in the shade Petal Poppin

A light, non-greasy cream that instantly blushes the skin, cleanses the complexion with 10 easy-to-use transparent colors and features a natural color. The product is vegan and cruelty-free. This blush is easy to use and cannot be used in a range of shades to enhance skin tone and radiance. These shadows are created by Rihanna, transparent, can be created and merged into the skin. The water repellent and breathable formula makes the skin smooth without feeling sticky or oily.


fenty blushcream





Rare Beauty Cream Blush in Nearly Mauve

An innovative, very easy and liquid cream blush that dissolves into a second skin for a more natural and softer color wash. Free from parabens, formaldehyde, formaldehyde releasing agents, phthalates, mineral oils and SLS and SLES sulfates, it is also cruelty-free. This unique, water-resistant blush combines pigments with a non-greasy blend of weightless oils and spherical powders for a natural blush you can't mess up. The ultra-light liquid cream melts on contact and blends in with a smooth, satin finish that won't clump, wrinkle or clog pores.

cream blush                                                       

Revlon Photo-ready Cream Blush in Charmed Enchantment

This is one of my favorites and will be your drugstore cream blush too. These are creamy in the jars, but are thin and dry after application to the skin and are easy to spread. The colors are transparent to a certain extent, but also very flexible. There isn't a nasty, sticky feeling about them that makes me love this one! If your cheeks get drier in the winter, be sure to check this out. This is available in four colors: Coral Reef, Pinched, Flushed, and Charmed - something for every skin tone!

 revlon blush

Rimmel London Royal Cream blush in shade Coral Queen

Rimmel Royal Cream Blush is a compact cream that is easy to apply and mix. Gives cheeks a beautiful natural color. It is also very light and silky on the skin. Their packaging is practical and small and closes tightly, so you can easily throw it in the bag for quick touch-ups. The remaining strength impressed me as it lasted around 6-7 hours and is available in 3 different natural shades for each skin tone.

rimmel royal blush


Cream Blush is ideal for dull, dry skin. They are also good for aging skin as these can glide smoothly and provide plenty of color and moisture. Its dewy effect also gives a beautiful youthful glow. Whichever color you choose, blush can create a healthy, natural complexion and make the complexion more radiant (it's important not to overdo it). Let us know which of these have you tried in the comments down below!

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