Top 5 must-have products in your makeup arsenal

Top 5 must-have products in your makeup arsenal

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Many people get intimidated by the thought of makeup because they feel as if they need a lot of products and it takes a while to apply. But how would you know which product you should buy? And how do you use them? Well, rest assured. We will list some of the most useful products that you would want to know!

Prime, Prime and again, Prime your skin

First of all, you need to secure yourself a reliable makeup primer, which is basically an extension of your skincare routine. It helps in creating a smooth canvas on which your makeup can easily glide on seamlessly, and ensures that it stays intact throughout the day. Although, you may think that applying a face primer is just another unnecessary step in your makeup routine but, let me tell you something guys, you wouldn't regret using it, not even an ounce.


Time to Conceal and apply foundation

Concealer, as the name indicates, is a product that hides anything that needs to be concealed. And by anything, I mean blemishes and uneven skin tones. It is recommended to use a concealer few shades lighter than your skin tone if you want to apply it over your dark circles to brighten up the area, and if you need a concealer primarily to conceal blemishes and acne scars, a shade that reflects your natural skin tone would do the work.

Foundation has come a long way since last couple of decades. When you choose the right foundation for your skin type, it looks amazing. The foundation aims to create an even base for the rest of your makeup, and by that, we mean seamless skin tone and adequate coverage.

 Conceal and foundation

Glam up eyes with mascara

No makeup bag is complete without a mascara. A single coat can quickly make your lashes look voluminous and fluttery. There are several different types of mascara, depending on your requirement. If you want to add a bit of length to your lashes, or plan on crying over the night, well, we would recommend you should use a water-proof, fiber based mascara.

huda beauty mascaramascara                                                                                            

Sculpting your eyebrows

Your eyebrows define your face sculpture and outline. Doing your eyebrows prior to foundation and other heavy-duty makeup products is better, since it helps you plan your makeup routine accordingly. Filling in your brows is easy, simple and quick, and gives you a more elegant and put-together sort of a look.

anastasia brow pencil                                                                                                      

Ace it with your Lipsticks

And last but not least, lip products are on the basic makeup list. Nothing hurts more than the sight of my favorite lipstick being smudged on the face mask, but don't worry because that still wouldn't stop me from using it. Determination? Loyalty? Whatever you call it. You can buy lipsticks on the type of service you require. Matte lipsticks usually provide a smudge-proof pigment while lip glosses mainly condition the lips. If lipstick or lip gloss isn't your thing, try a tinted lip balm instead, these do the same job as a lip gloss but only have a tint of color.


Always remember, makeup is supposed to bring out the best in you and not hide it under piles of coverage. There are, of course other products too, that can complement your face perfectly. But these five basic makeup basics are great to get started with, or for those days when you just don't have enough time. What are your favorite must-have makeup products, let us know in the comments down below!

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