To buy or to pass?

Since the release of the new Huda beauty palette ‘The Huda Beauty Nude Obsessions’ it has been the talk of the makeup industry! Anyone who takes a great liking in neutral eyeshadow palettes has come to the right place. The whole concept behind it is extremely inclusive as she wanted to create an entire eyeshadow collection inspired by each skin tone. Which is exactly what she accomplished by releasing this palette. She did three versions to suit everyone’s skin tone and has created an impeccable neutral palette for all. These three palettes are very easy to wear and can be used to effortlessly mix and match and create alluring looks. There are three palettes in the Nude Obsessions Palettes range.

 huda nude palette      huda nude palette

The Nude Light: It is consistent of warm and cold tones. It is the perfect match between soft, mild, and creamy hues. It features shades of peach with tints of lilac and plum. The bronze shimmers give each look a specific kind of depth.

The Nude Medium: This palette is an all-rounded vivid blend of hot and risqué hues consisting of cocoa and amber colors. In this the shimmer shadows are more rare tinges of rose gold, fawnish copper, and interesting coral touches. The pink is flattering to a lot of different skin tones as sometimes when the shimmers are too dark, they tend to cast a darker shadow on your skin, these shades do not let that happen. This is also my personal favorite palette out of the three as it fits my skin the best and gives me a good range in colors.

Then finally, The Nude Rich: This palette is a vast mixture of chocolatey colors from light to dark. It also encompasses pinkish and hazel tones and is quite a quixotic collection.

A few things that I absolutely adore about this palette is the fact that they are extremely pigmented and very delicate on your skin. The shimmer shadows resemble butter-like properties. Every shade is pliable and blends extremely well together. With the addition of these I think I can safely say I have forgotten how much I liked my old nude palettes. I would totally recommend buying one of these or even all three as they have impeccable quality. These palettes are less geared towards professional makeup artists and more for the public or makeup enthusiasts as not everyone wants to be creative, has the skills or wants to play around with looks so these palettes make it easier to do less effort as it is kind of laid out in a way where it seems thought out for you and can be used together perfectly. The packaging is very exquisite and aesthetically pleasing, it is also very lightweight which also makes it easier to use the attached mirror.    So, to answer the big question, are these Huda Beauty Nude Obsessions Palettes worth the money? I would say yes as in $29 you get 9 shades which consists of 5 mattes, 4 shimmers and a mirror. Its compact and sleek design also makes it the ideal design for travelling as it is not too much weight and doesn't take a lot of room but can offer an extensive variety of full looks done by using the shades provided.




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